BARI – Fast Track

BARI – Fast Track

Buy the service for access to the region that precedes the security filters, using a dedicated input, different from the normal path of passengers on departure. It is possible to buy the Fast Track (one or more), each coupon will have a maximum validity of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Unit price: € 5



The services of Fast Track of Bari airport can be purchased from all passengers departing from Bari airport from the following channels:

Online you can buy the passage Fast Track (one or more), each coupon will have a maximum validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. All modes of use of the services are set forth in the following “Conditions of Use”.
The sale service online services called “Fast Track” is managed entirely by airports of Puglia S.p.A. with head offices in Plese(Bari), Viale Enzo Ferrari.
Once authorized the purchase procedures and confirmed the economic transaction, the customer will receive email address indicated in the registration phase a mail containing the invoice and a number of receipts equal to the number of Fast Track purchased, such receipts must be shown to the Operator safety checks which will preside over the access to the gap Fast Track.
In order to be able to carry out the’internet purchase is necessary that the user register at the site to proceed with purchase of service.

Condition for the use

I.  General Rules

  1. The passenger to use the service must:
    a) Be in possession of a travel title and adjust paper shipment;
    b) Possess a title for the use of the purchased service via one of the channels of sale described above;
  2. In scope of the same journey the title is usable only once and is not transferable
  3. The passenger is obliged to respect the time limit fixed by the carrier for the presentation at the airport and at gate boarding.
  4. In case of cancellation of the flight or for any other cause which is independent from the will of the operator of an airport, is not expected in any way the refund of the sum paid. If the copy has been delivered to the personnel assigned to control and hands-free passage has been carried out it will not be possible to take advantage again of service.
  5. In the case of temporary unavailability of services due to contingent reasons (e.g. failure of equipment, lack or strike of staff, emergency situations, etc.) A.d.P. will undertake in order to restore the smooth operation and to minimise the inconvenience to passengers. In this case the title not used, endorsed by the SPV of control staff in turn for the attestation of the state of inoperable, give access to the service on the occasion of a subsequent journey or for a refund of the same. In no case the unavailability of the service will give title to the passenger claims for damages.
  6. The access to service Fast Track expires equal to that indicated on the license itself and are not refundable except for the circumstances referred to in paragraph 5.
  7. In the case of communication of personal data, the passenger agrees to the treatment of the same, in complete respect of current normative law as provided for in the specific procedures for purchase.
  8. The single title is valid for only one access, can be purchased more individual titles simultaneously, for example in the case of families, groups of friends or colleagues at work, making a single payment transaction.
  9. For any further request for information contact the authorized personnel at the airport or write an email to

II.  The Service

  1. The service allows you to access the area that precedes the security filters, using a dedicated input, different from the normal path of passengers on departure.
  2. AdP does not respond in the event of any inconvenience to passengers derived from a large number of users of the service of Fast Track or access other authorised personnel from the predicted path dedicated.
  3. The Fast Track not entitled to receive a safety filter dedicated.
  4. The passenger is obliged to respect the safety regulations in force at the airport and the policy of the vector in relation to the transport of hand baggage and will therefore be subjected to the relevant checks to the gates of shipment; it is therefore obliged to check yourself with respect of the size of the luggage and any other rules established by the conditions of carriage of an Airline chosen for the journey.
  5. Adp SpA will in no way be held liable in case of loss of the flight due to delay in submission to the gate. Not will also be held responsible in any way for in case the Passenger is refused’access to’area d’boarding for failure to comply with legislation in the field of security and of the policy of the vector in relation to hand luggage.If, in scope of the same journey, a passenger wishes to use again the dedicated access Fast Track, must be in possession of a new way of access.
  6. access to Fast Track takes place through the dedicated path specially reported after access, the passenger will be addressed by assigned personnel toward one of the security filters available and will append to passengers who have already committed the above passage.
  7. The product Fast Track is available as a single entrance can be purchased by one of the channels of sale as described previously.
  8. The entrance has validity within the date indicated on the license itself and allows a single passage Fast Track. Deadline passed the title shall not give any right of access and will not be refunded for any reason.
  9. The expiry of validity the accesses not used are non-refundable.